About me

About ten years ago I started creating patterns for a children's clothing company - Taylor Joelle Designs. That is what launched me into digital design.

It wasn't until my husband and I moved to Ghana that I made a goal to master some of the (challenging for me) digital tools of art. We lived in a very small apartment for two years with limited room for art supplies. So I learned Adobe Illustrator - and discovered the joy of editing, endless color changing and tweaking. No stress - pure fun (but I'll never give up the freedom of paint and paper).

Now I create art that makes me smile.

I continue to create surface patterns for Taylor Joelle Designs and a number of other companies. I also create wall art and party designs. It's all pure fun!

I'm happy to do custom work - I love a good design challenge. I've done stickers, banners, doll clothes, puzzles, flash cards and more.

Contact me with any questions or custom requests - and ideas on art you'd like me to create. You can email me at dfrweb@gmail.com