About me

About ten years ago I started creating patterns for a children's clothing company - Taylor Joelle Designs. That launched me into digital design.

It wasn't until my husband and I moved to Ghana five years ago that I  to master some of the (challenging for me) digital tools of art. We lived in a very small apartment for two years with limited room for art supplies. So I learned Adobe Illustrator - and discovered the joy of editing and endless color changing and tweaking. No stress - pure fun (but I'll never give up the freedom of paint and paper).

Now I create art that makes me smile.

I used to have a number of custom portrait listings. I loved doing that work, but ended up with too many orders and too little time to be freely creative. I've taken down those listings for a while. I may put them up again sometime in limited quantities. Right now I'm focusing on fun and happy wall art and other printable items.

Contact me with any questions or custom requests - and ideas on art you'd like me to create.